Thursday, March 31, 2011

What If People Know (Introduction)

An after prologue introduction, here we go

This is my first fiction post, because I'm used to post fanfiction at FFn. I don't really know what I would do after I posted the prologue chapter, but I will try my best to continue this story, maybe when the mid-test is over I will work harder, haha. But considering how lazy and mood-swing I am, I don't hope much for this story to come to an end properly. Sumimasen..

Anyway, I planned to make this as a romance of course. Due to my limited skill, I couldn't write else better, not that my romance-sense is good though. But I'm trying, you see. It's hard to make something great and unexpected like a story should be when you come from a super ordinary life like mine. Not that I mourn about that. Now it comes out of the box of mind (?), let's get back to the topic.

About the story, the origin is about a genius boy who falls in love with an ordinary girl. (I feel like telling my own story, but nope. It's not about myself. Not at all.) And maybe if you become cautious, it really feels like I'm telling about the people around me, haha. Yeah, maybe I imagined them when I typed this story. Oh, but it hasn't get to the main point, has it? Because it's just a prologue, you wouldn't find anything mean. But I've already make some points though, guess what.

And, this is my first story without the standard bahasa, because it has the daily life dialogues. How awkward for me to write something like that. I'm learning (again, that reason) hahaha :D

Just let me finish this story while I'll do my other project for 'Lomba Esai-Narasi Pendidikan Kritis' (Stop rambling, or I'll come out of the topic again. Duh..) also the mid-test is coming in the way. I have to study.

So this is the line of the story I put in the prologue
Seseorang dengan IPK 4 sepertimu mungkin tahu segalanya. Tapi apakah kau memahami hati wanita sebaik kau menguasai Matematika? Atau Fisika? Kimia?

Guess what I'll do with that line later, hahaha. :D
(I laugh much, don't I? the fact is, I just smiled. Don't have the courage to laugh that loud. That's what a girl should be, right?)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What If People Know (Prologue)

Seseorang dengan IPK 4 sepertimu mungkin tahu segalanya. Tapi apakah kau memahami hati wanita sebaik kau menguasai Matematika? Atau Fisika? Kimia?

Yang pertama kali terlintas di benakku saat kau meminta jawaban dariku adalah, apakah kau serius? Aku tidak ingat namaku pernah tercantum dalam daftar gadis populer yang diperhatikan oleh makhluk bernama laki-laki. Aku tidak ingat kita pernah berbincang akrab pada pertemuan sebelumnya, karena memang kita tidak pernah melakukannya. Aku tidak ingat kau pernah melempar senyum padaku, karena aku juga tidak pernah melakukannya padamu.

Post-Test Schedule (?)

Ohisashiburi ne :)

Again, another rambling of mine, haha. Gomen ne,

It's just a mid-test will be held in a week or so, that makes me nervous, ahaha. Nope, actually. I just don't know what else to do in my Wed-free day. Lucky me :)

Thinking about the test makes me lost my appetite (a downright lie, of course) instead, I will just thinking about what I wanna do afterward. about watching some documentaries I've downloaded? It could help me achieve my English too, since no subtitle for each of those. And continuing my Death Note would be a big help too, due to the 30th episode till drop are all in English dub. But that's too much for me, maybe I can only understand some simple words. Daijoubu desu ne, I'm learning though.

Oh, and it reminds me of Misa No Uta I listen while writing this down. Scary but that's just right.

Ki wo tsukete kami-sama wa miteru.
Be careful. God is watching

Kurai yomichi wa te wo tsunaide kudasai.
In a dark street, please hold my hand

Hitori de tooku ni de mo itsumo mitsukedashite kureru.
Even if go far away by myself, he'll always find me.

Shitteru koto wa zenbu oshiete kureru.
He teaches me everything I know.

Watashi ga oboetenakutemo, nandodemo oshiete kureru.
Even if I forget, he'll teach me again and again.

Demo zenbu wakatte shimattara dou sureba ii no?
But what should I do after I know everything?

Oh how I love Light... It's sad he died at the end... :(

Huft...rambling is getting in the way of me, ahahaha. Yeah, my English is just that bad, I can't help it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"It doesn't matter when you get stumbled and fall onto the puddle face first. The only matter is when you get up even without a hand reached out to you."

Yeah, it's about how you take your life. It's about how you accept your fate. It's not about anyone, not that they don't matter at all. But right now, in this right state of mind, you need to take care of your own life.

And I forget to write a letter for my 20th birthday...

I started to rambling somehow. How useless...

Isn't that what a blog content should be? Rambling and rambling...