Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Post-Test Schedule (?)

Ohisashiburi ne :)

Again, another rambling of mine, haha. Gomen ne,

It's just a mid-test will be held in a week or so, that makes me nervous, ahaha. Nope, actually. I just don't know what else to do in my Wed-free day. Lucky me :)

Thinking about the test makes me lost my appetite (a downright lie, of course) instead, I will just thinking about what I wanna do afterward. about watching some documentaries I've downloaded? It could help me achieve my English too, since no subtitle for each of those. And continuing my Death Note would be a big help too, due to the 30th episode till drop are all in English dub. But that's too much for me, maybe I can only understand some simple words. Daijoubu desu ne, I'm learning though.

Oh, and it reminds me of Misa No Uta I listen while writing this down. Scary but that's just right.

Ki wo tsukete kami-sama wa miteru.
Be careful. God is watching

Kurai yomichi wa te wo tsunaide kudasai.
In a dark street, please hold my hand

Hitori de tooku ni de mo itsumo mitsukedashite kureru.
Even if go far away by myself, he'll always find me.

Shitteru koto wa zenbu oshiete kureru.
He teaches me everything I know.

Watashi ga oboetenakutemo, nandodemo oshiete kureru.
Even if I forget, he'll teach me again and again.

Demo zenbu wakatte shimattara dou sureba ii no?
But what should I do after I know everything?

Oh how I love Light... It's sad he died at the end... :(

Huft...rambling is getting in the way of me, ahahaha. Yeah, my English is just that bad, I can't help it.

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