Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

This is made cause of what called writer's block which attack me lately. I really don't have idea about what to write for my 'Esai-Narasi' project. Totally lost.
So, this is about me. Again.
It's all started with an alphabet. That very 'R'. Okay, so what's the problem here? It's nothing. It's really nothing in English for the particular. It has nothing to do with English. Hell, even it didn't recognize in English.

Only Indonesian people who dispute this, even make a joke about it. It's really nothing to talk about.
Okay, let me get this straight. It's called 'Cadel'. It's the inability to pronounce R correctly. So what's the problem? Like I said before, it's nothing with English. But it is, with Bahasa. Yes, for I speak Indonesian and I can't pronounce that damn R correctly. My teacher in elementary school said that 'cadel' person can't read poetry well. I'm agree with her. And I really don't have problem with that. Screw poetry, I don't like vocalizing that aloud, let alone in public. No, thank you. Once in my high school, we had to practice for the ceremony that would be held Monday. One of my friend, the one that liked to pissed me off, showed what it would be if i was the one who read the constitution. It was funny the first. I laughed with the others. But my senior, the one that watched us practiced, came over and made a face at my friend. Had a little conversation in front of me and my friends.
"Are you the one who'll read that constitution?" that senpai asked.
"Nope. Why?"
"That was terrible. Everyone would laugh at that,"
Jezz...i hated you. Was it that terrible? Okay, I guess so. I myself would also laugh if anyone read the constitution like that. But, am I like that? Am I that terrible in pronouncing 'R'?
So what?? So what if I am?
Haah, that's really something to quarreled about.
The good thing is that the 'cadel' person could read English smoothly. Flow like water. Fluent like foreigner. Haha, hopefully so. But I do have another problem. And it still attached with that 'cadel' thing.
Because of it, I rarely speak. I don't wanna know what reaction I would receive when people hear my 'R'. I even can't say my name properly! So I choose to stay silent. I've had enough.
And maybe someday I'll show you people, I'll be great with no need to pronouncing 'R' correctly. I'll speak in English, hahaha.
We all have our excesses, also our deficiencies.
猿も木から落ちる。(saru mo ki kara ochiru) Even monkeys fall from trees. Because nobody's perfect. but we could be perfectly imperfect if we do our best, right?

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