Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a little about fyrinichi-thing. It's a bit confusing, also hard to read, ne? This name was came from- here's the explanation :)
f is from my middle name initial, fatkhatul. yrin came from irin, my name but come with adaptation, for I don't want my pen-name full of i. Ichi came from one in Japanese. I'd like to make it means as Ichiban (number one) but that would be strange. And there it goes, fyrinichi for me :)
Oh, and about the font I used in this blog, I changed it from verdana to coming soon is because I don't want this blog to become so much strict. Now it looks like plaything, doesn't it? Anyway, when it comes to the story, of course I would use the standard font. Verdana it is.
So, I think it's enough for now.

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