Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'd Definitely Cry

Another long day at dorm, with nothing to do (just lazy to do something I should do). But yeah, that's just like myself right? Anyway, my IDM had been prepared by mega (thank you bebeb, muaach) and at first I didn't really know what to do, what movie to be downloaded.
I just googled and googled with nothing to do in particular. Then I came to a certain idea, I wanna watch anime movie! I don't want any drama, that would be too long and boring. Beside, I still have to watch Death Note anime start from episodes 30 'Justice'. The reason why I procrastinate those anime is because it's in English dub! That's why, I don't really get it all! Darn it!
Also, I have some J-Drama that I've never touched yet. It seemed that I like to download something and found it boring to watch. I don't know?
And...I'm downloading some anime movie I got from Anime Movie Site. Hmm...Paprika it is. The first movie I got from that site. I've watched few minutes while waiting for my download to finish. It's interesting movie. I have to wait a long time till get bored. Darn it... But it's okay, cause I finally have it :)

But how about this one? I got it and felt doubt, thought. But I downloaded it anyway. And till I write this, it still haven't finished yet. I'd definitely cry if it stops working! No doubt! The largest size I've ever downloaded.

Amazing size, right? Hahaha. I really took the risk by downloaded that movie. I really could kill someone if it comes to a fail~! Hope it will come to an end soon! Or else, I would cry my eyes out! :O

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