Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You, Luppi-kun~!

Sunday noon at dorm, usual boring day as always. Or is it just me that too lazy to do something useful? Don't really care, though. I have my own way of living, right?
It's a big thank you for my lovely Luppi-kun~! Because of him, I'm able to do many things I like. Big thankies to you, hun! So, for those who wonder about my Luppi-kun, here you are!
Acer 4738 - brown

Nice, huh? Elegant brown with pattern. I love you, Dear~! :*
And FYI, my Luppi-kun has been work from the very morning till now, with twice battery charge! How terrible of me~! Just hang on Dear, I'm bored right now... Nothing could entertain me but you~
Here, some pictures of the dorm by not-so-good camera of Luppi-kun!

it's quite, huh?



front garden


from balcony
Except for the camera quality, sorry for the bad angle, I'm not photographer. Just a girl who wanders around with Luppi-kun in hands! I'm a quite rambler, ain't I? Jeez...that would do me no good! I might as well shut up and do something about my stuck esai-narasi! I really have to finish that project of mine!
And you know what? Instead of continuing that essay of mine, I posted another fanfiction! It's my first Durarara!! fiction! Here's the link: Missed.
I would post that fiction here, someday. Hahaha... Or I'll just post another chapters of my What If People Know
So here's the line...(the origin line I made, and yes, it's in Indonesian)
Selamat datang di Ikebukuro- Kida Masaomi
Hahaha...and for those who also wonder about who the hell-o Kida Masaomi is, here's his cute pict!
Kida Masaomi
His pair in my fiction is, Orihara Izaya~!! A certain informant broker, with dark hair and freak-twisted personality, haha. But those two are my favorite pairing! All hail Kizaya!!
Orihara Izaya
Oh, maybe someday I would make a post about what ShounenAi is! I can't explain these term here, because it would be too long and out of the topic! It's something I like! Bear with me, will ya?
Anywho, I think it's enough for now. My lovely Luppi-kun really need a rest.
Here's the bonus, pictures of them both! Ja ne~!!
Yay!! FemKida!! :D

FemKida again!!

Naughty Izaya! He disturbs Kida-kun! :p

My dear, you've been used! So like Izaya!