Thursday, June 2, 2011


 I might get tired of trying to write in English. So maybe, I would use bahasa whenever I stuck. That means, bilingual and headache!
Ao no Exorcist
June 2th, 2011. It means 18 days remained in dormitory. I'm so sad...'ntar nggak bisa lagi ngenet malem-malem, nungguin download sambil ditinggal tidur.'s too short anyway. Nanti gimana ya, pasti nggak bisa ngoleksi anime lagi. Terus bagaimana dengan nasib Ao no Exorcist yang baru sampe episode 8 dan ongoing? Anime itu bikin saya langsung jatuh cinta! Tadinya kan lagi iseng ke anime shippuuden, eh di home langsung disambut tuh anime. Covernya aja udah keren. Langsung dilihat deh, tertulis 8 episode. Kenapa nggak? Download dan ternyata yang ke-8 masih previewnya doang dari episode 7. Harus sabar menanti episode 8 yang keluar nanti tanggal 5 Juni. Belum lagi episode yang lain. Sampe berapa ya kira-kira?
Yak, this would be about anime, anime and anime!! Tadinya saya menghindari anime series, takut panjang-panjang jadinya males download. Nyarinya yang movie, tapi ceritanya terlalu singkat sih. Jadi nggak begitu ngena. And then, I hunted for some shounen ai *fujoshi is fujoshi* and found Junjou Romantica. That PG13, suggestive, implicit and all. Season satu udah beres, tinggal season 2 yang jadi agak-agak males nontonnya. Belum lagi Death Note belum selesai ditonton, karena dari ep 30 dub English. Saya pusing nontonnya~!! >.< Bleach yang Fade To Black juga belum ditonton. Lagi males aja.
Instead of watching those animes, I finished my recently download anime, Baccano! Keren banget! Saya suka alurnya yang maju mundur, meski bikin bingung setengah mati awalnya. Ghore banget, apalagi yang bagian Rail Tracer di kereta Flying Pussyfoot! Hiiie...wajahnya Dune dihancurin abis-abisan sama Claire a.k.a Vino dengan cara disentuhin ke rel kereta yang lagi jalan! Serem! Pokoknya keren banget tuh anime!
Anyway, I'd like to write about my favorite anime charas~! How I love blonde-haired boys!! They are perfect uke~!! (Ichigo's an exception as far as I know). Beneran, suka banget sama chara berambut pirang!! Say, Firo Prochainezo (love at first sight is true indeed!), Kida Masaomi (same as Firo!), Mikura Kazuma (first sight again) and Takatsuki Shinobu!! It seemed that I like them at first sight afterall! And those would be sorted by date.
First boy is Mikura Kazuma in Air Gear. Certain storm riders, Flame King successor. I love his white hoodie and beanie! I love his blonde hair as well. I love his blue eyes more. In fact, I love all about him~! Except his cowardice and perverted mind, of course. Blame Ikki for those inconvenience! He is as fast as jet plane! I don't mind with Kazu being paired with Ikki, but I would prefer Spitfire or Sano. He needs someone older and more mature than himself of course.
Mikura Kazu
Second boy is Kida Masaomi in Durarara!!. He reminds me of Kazu so much! Look at his hair *bleached unfortunately* hoodie, style and all! I bet they are separated twins actually! He was the founder of Yellow Scarves and a way too cool than Kazu! *gomen ne, Kazu-kun* He looks good paired with Orihara Izaya *in my crazy-perverted mind, haha* I really love him! He distracts me from Kazu for a while, even till nowadays! But I don't really like his pick-up-on-older-girl way of flirting! Thought that was just distraction.
Kida Masaomi
Third boy is Takatsuki Shinobu in Junjou Romantica. Because I don't find Misaki cute and attractive enough for me, let alone Hiroki who paired with a boy younger than him. Aah, I love Shinobu! He's very naive. Pretends knowing everything and all, but just a little kid afterall. How cute~ Sadly, he is paired with Miyagi who far too old for him. He has a bad taste. Fortunately, Miyagi doesn't look like 35 years old of him. But still...can't he paired with someone younger? Maybe the same age as Usami.
Takatsuki Shinobu
And the most recent is Firo Prochainezo in Baccano!. I still find it difficult to remember his last name, though. I grimaced on my first encountered with him! He got his fingers cut! How horrible...I thought he would be some angst boy and got abused right then and there. But I was totally wrong. He is strong and cool and all. I hope he would wear necktie. That would be cool! Not much to talk about him, but he looks like older Kida! You just have to make him wearing white hoodie and abracadabra! There would be 17 years old Kida and Kazu! How amazing!
Firo Prochainezo

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