Thursday, June 30, 2011

Endless Kawaiiness

I don’t have anything to do. But at least I could still fill it with art, ne? Yesterday I made 2 shounen ai fanfictions. New record of mine :D
That's wonderful so far! Two pieces of art for me.

I repeat it again and again, exact is not my thing (an after-effect of my ugly physucks* score) Oh, look at this picture below, reminds me of my past. Stupid-naive past :)

Yes...for someone somewhere out there, I hope you’ve already found happiness. ‘Cause I will find mine too, someday. Don’t really need it now, though.

Oh, my cat! –How irresponsible of me, jumping from one topic to another-
Remember, his name’s Brandon in Indonesian accent. Don’t get it wrong, guys.
When I came back home 10 days ago, I found out about two new cats of my neighbor. Their name is Gendut and Sapi (Heh?).
Gendut for...he has a fat body I guess. Though i don’t think he’s that fat. Just ordinary size, and unfortunately, I don’t have his picture right now.
Sapi for...her fur is black and white. Silly, though. Never mind, it’s not my business anyway.
And I found out that Brandon dates Sapi. Ridiculous I know. Crazy-lazy cat of mine really a playboy one.
Brandon and Sapi
What do you think? Cute, ain’t it?
Kawaiiness is never ending.
I miss Itsuki...

Random thing. Don’t take it seriously.
Listening to Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
Monitoring my e-mail and my fanfiction account :D
*credit to @mayaaarrr

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  1. what do that 'credit to' mean? :DDD yayness! love you and miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu muah muah