Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kari-gurashi no Arietti - 借りぐらしのアリエッティ

Arrietty The Borrower
Also known just as Arrietty, is another fantasy anime movie by Studio Ghibli. I downloaded that movie last night and finished watching it today's afternoon with my siblings.
Smiling all the way. How cute and such a great movie as expected from Studio Ghibli. The pictures got better. Real like. Amazing. Maybe that's because the background was green carpet of grass. So lively.

The story is about little people about 10 cm height. A 14 years old  girl named Arrietty who lived with her little parents in a lovely mini house.  There was also this one 12 years old boy who had a heart disease, named Sho.

Sho moved to Aunt Sadako's house due to his therapy. For the environment there was such a nice one. Sho came from broken family and he'd never seen his father. While her mother was so busy with her works that she didn't really take care of her sick son.

After seeing Arrietty, he tried to help her and her parents without noticing that his acts could put those little people in danger. They, little people, did believe that they could not seen by human being. Or else, they had to moved away from their current home in order to survive.

This creepy woman who worked as a servant in Aunt Sadako's house, named Haru, found out about little people thing, even captured Arrietty's mother and kept her in a jar. Then she locked Sho's room and tried to call out for pest-cleaner.

Somehow, things went better, thanks for Sho's help. Ah...I dream about being a little people and have a journey on Sho's shoulder.

And here I think how he was such a cute boy. Unbearably kawaii~ -hugs Sho-

In the end, Arrietty and her parents had to moved somewhere after all, with Spiller's help they moved by rode a kettle across the river. Before that, Sho came around, for some farewell I think. Niya, the lazy-fat cat with bored face, showed him the way.
Ah, I thought Arrietty didn't have to move away and could live in the wonderful doll house of Sho's mother. But somehow, the ending's just right.

I like those theme song by Cecile Corbel, titled The Neglected Garden and Arrietty's Song. They are wonderful songs. Like those very much.
Especially dear kawaii bochan -smooch-

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