Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hold on, please

Nothing's perfect,  definitely.
It's not polite for a brat like me to notch my nose around those sensitive problems. But I wonder what I could do in help, if anything... I know, I can't do anything. Not in this case.
Me being myself, just a little kid for them.
Was it cry I heard just now, Kaa-san? What were you crying for? Was it really serious matter?
Did you hear it, Tou-san? Did you hear Kaa-san's cry?
I don't know what happen here.
Is it financial problem? I couldn't help it if so.
Is it something to do with my academic score? I will try to fix it, then.
What is it?
Pretend there's nothing, pretend everything's okay. Thank you for doing so. You really save the problems for yourself and not show it in front of us, Kaa-san. But how long could you stand up? I wonder...
If someday, you speak the truth, then I'm sure our world would collapse down.
Just bear with it, Kaa-san. Please reach your hands out, Tou-san.
Because I won't be here for long time. I still have my duty.  To finish my college and build my future.
Please hold matter what. For the sake of us, your musuko.
Because someday, there would be days when your tears entitled as happy tears. That day would come for sure. Just hold on a bit longer. Onegai...

I would be a good girl
At least that's the only thing I could do for both of you

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