Friday, September 2, 2011

I watched Gantz: Perfect Answer

I downloaded the movie at August 31. Yes, on the Ied night, from sinema-21. And watched it the following morning. I've tried to find the sub, but couldn't find it anywhere. It was always the first movie sub, though it entitled as that Perfect Answer sub. How annoying...

Actually, I willed to wait till the sub is out, but when I read one comment about watching it in Korean sub as it is and still loving it, then let's watch this movie in Korean sub!

I got nothing with the sub, though. But I still understand some simple words like arigatou, gomen, ikou, shigoto, suki *of course, ahahaha*, korose and more. You didn't need dialogue to watch action scene, right? Because there is no dialogue in those action scene, usually :D

My opinion, it's a lot better than the first movie. Maybe because I've already watched the anime version and the movie cut most of the best scene. The first movie is like- ahh..the anime version is better. More thrilling. Aah, I won't spoiled more. Just watch it yourself :)

The second movie; Perfect Answer, so cool~! In some part, so dramatic. made me cry T_T

And the ending is...gosh, that's unfair! But yeah, it's done. Well...maybe that's for the best.

Overall, it's amazing movie~! Watched it!! *and I'm still looking for the sub~*

Bonus~ :)
Here's the screenshot of my favorite scene in both first and second movie, of my favorite couple; Kurono Kei and Kojima Tae <3
best couple, kyaaa~! *a la fangirls* :D

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