Sunday, March 18, 2012


When things are getting complicated, you have two options:
face it or run away.
And sadly, I often opt the latter...

Run away; I wonder why I really like doing such thing. It's not that I'm an athlete or else, even I'm bad at running competition. But somehow, I really don't like the idea of facing my problem, manly. Call me a coward or else, I don't care. I just wanna run away from the things I dislike.

Life is like a game, you have to fight your enemies in order to get through till the end. You have a certain life span. You have credits, life's opportunity. But once you running out of that red heart that showed your life span, the game is over. Unlike most game, this game of life doesn't have a password to begin with. You can't continue from certain time being. You don't have second choice. You don't have a restart button.

It's so much like a game, yet it's not the same at all at the same time.

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