Friday, April 6, 2012

Gantz: Joichiro Nishi

Frozen Friday morning here in Buitenzorg. Hmm, frozen isn't the right word to describe it. More like cold, because it's not frozen in Indonesia :D

So, much to my dismay, I haven't done anything useful lately. I should study for mid test and do my tasks! How awful of me. Anyway, my hobby is to do anything that makes me happy. That's why I'd love to do any-fun-things and avoid my tasks *tsk-tsk-tsk*

Okay, yesterday I suddenly remembered about Gantz; about Joichiro Nishi for the exact. Yeah, I always like that type of boy on anime, who is selfish, arrogant and cool. Not always, I just like Nishi. His arrogancy is just too cute :3

a fan-art; but he looks cute :3

Sadly, he isn't the main role on Gantz, so there are a few story-telling about him. And fanfiction is not a big help too. Because there are only a few fictions about him and the one I like isn't complete (for me). Being the fujoshi I am, of course that's a shounen-ai fanfiction, hahaha *laugh sheepishly*

According to Gantz Wiki, he's only 14 for God's sake! Such a young boy and already a killer!
By the way, Kanata Hongo played as him at the live action. Fair enough. Hongo suits him perfectly. I have no objection with it.

As for the anime, I regret it how he died so early and in a poor way...
I don't have time to read the manga, I only know that he got revived there. I might as well start to read it, perhaps some other time.

Ugh, I really have to finish my report and start study for tomorrow's exam!

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