Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A thing... [English poem for 'you']

Sebuah puisi yang gue buat tanggal 25 September 2011; teruntuk seseorang yang kala itu tergolong special. Kala itu loh yaa, karena sekarang sih udah biasa aja :p

A thing...

I wanna see you everyday.
Wanna touch you not only in a dream, but also in a day.
Wanna have you and be with you; I'm so falling in love with you.

If only you know, I only have my eyes for you.
For I only see you, only thinking about you.
It's not something I could put aside so easily.
Because I can't get you out of my mind completely.

Hey boy, do you have any idea about this so-called-love stuff?
Because it's you that got me trap in this world of fluff.
Because it's you that make me laugh oh so happily.
And it's also you that crush me down with no mercy.

I won't say it aloud; not even a sound for a single soul to hear.
But for the hints, I'll be here.

Even when someday I might end up not with you,
Even I might hate you, might deny ever love you;
Now I'm happy because of you.
Let me treasure this warm feeling only for me.
Don't interrup, don't reject me.
Just stay still and let me be.

Puitis banget nggak sih gue? Ahahaha *dilempar sendal*
Buat lo, you dalam puisi di atas, tahu nggak sih tentang perasaan gue waktu itu? Perasaan yang volatil banget, cuma bentaran ngerasainnya, udah gitu aja, ahahaha.

Tapi...kalo dipikir-pikir lagi, lebay banget nggak sih? Sebatas crush doang langsung bikin puisi. Melankolis to the max! *nabok diri sendiri*

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