Friday, June 8, 2012

"What if people know" comes in comic!

Oh yeah! Guess what I did yesterday? I turned What if people know into comic! With many adjustment here and there of course. Hmm, I did eliminate some not-so-important characters, though. Oh, and it's in chibi-style. I can't afford drawing in manga style because that would be damn hard!

Gosh..wrong title! I didn't realize earlier -___-

Ibran and his friends

I've drawn till chapter 4 when Irene told Ibran that Mei saw them. I'll be continuing it after exam; after volunteering; that means, at home! :D

Some of the alterations till now:
  • In my mind, they're all at the same department; unlike the fiction that took place like my first year college system, a class with students from many department.
  • Irene doesn't wear a veil, nor does Mei and any other students. Even the setting isn't in Indonesia; I feel like drawing some manga, so it feels like Japan and it's autumn. As you can see from the bald tree (bald??)
  • Ibran doesn't wear spectacles; and I'm not sure if he looks that handsome. Due to my poor drawing skill, his face keeps changing -___-
  • I guess Wulan won't take a part in this. I don't know, I haven't drawn her yet. But I think Galih will come up someday. Andria and Tyas won't make their debut either. Or maybe Andria will do someday, I'm not sure yet.
  • Irene ain't live in a dorm; but something called as kosan in Indonesian. Well, I'm confusing myself -___-
I guess that's all by now. Hmm, I'm pretty sure many more will come up later.

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