Monday, July 23, 2012

And the joy comes

Ramadhan comes, and so does the what-so-called pasar malem at my neighbourhood (sp?).

The picture below taken at Friday, July 20th 2012; my first day fasting.

ferris wheel's skeleton?

the cage

ferris wheel's ticket station

Rp. 20000,-? Will you believe that picture? Yes, one of the people there said that it was the cost from PRJ (Jakarta Fair (?) ). Hahaa, got me tricked! And the local cost is only Rp. 5000; as the other game (except Kora2, it's Rp. 7000).

Last night I went there with dad and my two younger sisters. Got to try ferris wheel~! The last time I had was, uh...I don't remember myself! Not that exiting anymore, I guess.

in the cage

I guess I'm just too lazy to post something properly~ *yawns

Mood: amuse | Music: 1D at youtube ~ :D

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