Friday, January 18, 2013


Actually, it was yesterday. That very 17th January.

It passed with nothing, really. Hard raining in the early morning, exam at 8 am; and ended with my journey went home; 12 hours straight on the bus.

No birthday present, no cake. Nothing.

Even though, somehow, I feel this is how it ought to be. I'm no longer a kid. When I woke up in the early-rainy-morning, I thought the day was just the same. It's only 17th on the month, what's so special about it?

Am I being mature? Or being depressed because of exam? Hahaa, beats me.

Ah, I just remember that I started to write down my wishes since H-6. Only because the exam would be so boring and I didn't have any better things to do other than scribbling on my paper. It stopped at H-5, though. For I forgot the reason why did I do that in the first place; exam surely took up most of my time. Oh, scratch that! Took up most of my time to avoid! I did not study well, I must admit.

Well, yeah...old habits die hard, no?

And by the way, even if there was nothing, I still felt kinda being loved, ahahahaa. Somehow, it felt better like this. Ah, my heart is still warm, despite the cold, cold morning... :p

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